Sandstone Mountain Ranch or The Sandstone Ranch, located in beautiful Llano, Texas on the Llano River.  Trophy and management whitetail hunting available.  Exotics hunting available year round.  Fishing and ranch/safari type tours also available.  Located less than 1 hour west of Austin, Texas on Highway 71 East.   Over looking a beautiful lake at the foot of the Sandstone Mountain, sits our first class, luxury lodging and accommodations.  New ownership and new management in 2012.  Sandstone Mountain Ranch, Sandstone Ranch, Sand Stone Ranch, Sand Stone Mountain Ranch,   Llano, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Burnet, Burnnet, Marblefalls, Marble Falls, Johnson City, Fredericksburg, Texas, Llano River Ranch, Whitetail Hunting, Whitetail Hunts, Trophy Whitetail Hunting, Cheap Hunts, Bow Hunting, Packaged Hunts, Management Hunts, Cull Hunts, Day Hunts, Reasonable, First Class Lodging, Lodge, Lakes, Mountains, Bow Hunting, Bow Hunters, Exotics, Exotic Hunting, Fallow Hunting, Fallow Buck Hunts, Pig Hunting, Hog Hunting, Pig Hunts, Hog Hunts, Axis Hunts, Axis Hunting, Black Buck Hunts, Black Buck Hunting, Blackbuck Hunts, Blackbuck Hunting,  DeAnn Dee Anderson Dungan Brian Dungan, Albert L. Anderson, Al and Jeanne Anderson, Fishing, Fish, Bass Fishing, Catfish, Pay to Fish, Boat, lake, lakes, ponds, Ranch Tours, Zoo Tours, Zoo, Safari, Photo Safari, Zoo Tour, Red Kangaroo, dromedary camels, grants zebra, whitetail, fallow, axis deer, blackbuck antelope, gemsbok, elk, red deer, stag, Fallow bucks for sale, Fallow shooters for sale, black buck for sale, black buck shooters for sale, blackbuck for sale, blackbuck shooters for sale, fallow for sale, fallow forsale, blackbuck for sale, blackbuck forsale, black buck for sale, black buck forsale, axis for sale, axis forsale, red kangaroo for sale, red kangaroo forsale, exotics for sale, exotics forsale, Deer For Sale Hill Country Texas Llano Axis For Sale Kangaroo For Sale Red Kangaroo Breeder Dromedary Camel Breeder Camels For Sale Axis Deer Breeder Axis For Sale Blackbuck Antelope Breeder Black Buck Breeder Blackbuck For Sale Black Buck For Sale Whitetail Breeder Grants Zebra Breeder Zebra For Sale Fallow Breeder Hunting Trophy Hogs Pigs Exotics For Sale in Llano, Texas.  Raising red kangaroo, dromedary camels, blue eyed paint camels, grants zebra, whitetail, fallow, axis deer and blackbuck antelope.  Raising quality exotic animals for breeders and hunting operations.  
Copyright 2012.  All rights reserved Sandstone Mountain Ranch - Llano, Texas
A Division of Albert L Anderson FLP
Sandstone Mountain Ranch

Texas Trophy Whitetails & Exotics

Llano, Texas - 1 Hour NW of Austin
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**MLD Level 3 Whitetail Buck and Whitetail Doe Tags are furnished

**MLD Level 3 Whitetail Deer Season - We hunt October through the end of February

**Any Drop Tine 1" or more will add $1000 to the package

**Exotics are hunted year round

**BONUS FREE WT DOE with each Whitetail and Exotic Package in Oct & Nov ONLY

**All Trophy Deer harvested must be 5 ½ years and older

**Gun and Bow Hunting is available

**Smallest caliber of rifle allowed for hunting is a .243

**Hunter will be required to site their rifle in at 100 yards at the Sandstone's Gun Range prior to hunting in the field.  Please arrive no later than 2:00 PM to sight your gun in and prepare for the evening's hunt.

**Trophy Fee for additional animals taken will be the listed Package Price less $600

**There is no guarantee that a hunter will acquire any animal on a hunt

**Unlimited Wild Hogs will be available FREE of charge after your trophy is harvested.  Guide will clean hogs for a charge of $50 per hog.  No more than 2 hogs will be cleaned.

**Package fees are subject to change without notice

**Other species are available, please inquire for more information

**Total Package fees are payable in full for all game wounded and/or lost.  Hair or blood found will constitute a wounded animal. Video of your hunt may also show proof of your wounded animal. 

**Package fees do not include license fees, gun/bow rental (not offered), gratuity, ammunition, taxidermy, transportation, skinning/capping/quartering ($50 charge), or game processing

**Guides are present to assist in the scoring estimation only. Wounded, but not recovered animals will be scored by the guide for pricing purposes. Guide’s final measurement on lost and harvested animals will be used to determine final trophy fee.  The hunter must make the final call before the shot.

**Snake boots are highly recommended and strongly advised to be worn at all times while you are on the ranch participating in any outdoor activities - hunting, fishing, etc.  Please bring a pair when you come to the ranch.

**All fees are payable by credit card, cash (US dollar ONLY), traveler’s checks, money orders or electronic funds transfer.  Credit cards are subject to a 3% Convenience Fee.

**Personal or Company checks are NOT accepted unless they are sent 30 days prior to your hunt.  Please make check payable to:  ALBERT L ANDERSON FLP


**No smoking in the lodge or out in the field.  You are permitted to smoke outside the lodge area.  Please discard of butts in ashtrays or firepit.  DO NOT THROW BUTTS ON THE GROUND!

**One bedroom and personal bathroom in the Premium Hunter's Lodge is completely handicap accessible.

**Check in is 1 PM the first day of your trip and check out is 11 AM the last day.

** If you choose to leave early, you will still pay for all days reserved.

**All hunters/guests must be 14 yrs and older.  All minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

**Non-Hunters, including Non-Hunting Guests or Non-Hunting Guardians will remain with the hunter and their guide OR in the lodge at all times.  There is limited space in the blind, ONLY Guardians are allowed to sit in the blind with under aged hunters if space permits.  Authorized exceptions can be made.  Only 1 Non-Hunter/Guest per Hunter allowed.  Rate for Non-Hunter/Guest is $200/night.

**You are NOT allowed to leave the confines of the lodge (100 feet of the lodge). Of course you may get items from your truck or sit on the porch, but you will NOT be permitted to walk or drive around the ranch. You are NOT permitted to visit any animals or animal exhibits if you are alone. If you wish to tour the ranch or go fishing, please call your guide.  Should you wish to leave the confines of the lodging area (100 feet of the lodge), you will have to call management or your guide. If you need to leave the ranch to run to town, please contact management or your guide.  If for any reason you are caught outside the confines of the lodging area (100 feet of the lodge) - you will be asked to immediately leave the ranch with no refund.

**Campfires are only permitted to be started by your guide.  You are not allowed to start a campfire in the fire pit unless a guide is present.

**If you loose your key or get locked out of your room, you will be charged $25.00

**Your reservation will be confirmed upon receipt of a minimum non-refundable deposit of $600, a signed and notarized release agreement and a signed and notarized contract (listing rules/regulations of the ranch, agreed pricing for package fees, and dates reserved) and a photo copy of your ID.  If you already have your hunting license, please send a copy of it as well.  If you do not have it at the time of booking, a copy of your valid hunting license will be made upon your arrival to the ranch.

**Some hunts may require a larger deposit.

**Upon receipt of deposit, notarized release agreement and notarized contract - a confirmation letter and/or email will be sent to you.

**All balances are to be paid in full upon departure.

**Alcohol is BYOB.  There will be NO drinking before or during your hunt.  Alcohol will ONLY be permitted after the last scheduled hunt of the day and will not be permitted after 2:00AM if you are hunting the next morning.  Should your guide suspect that you have been drinking during non-permitted times, all hunting and activities will be canceled for the rest of the day without refund. 

**Cancellation Policy:  All Deposits are non-refundable. A minimum of 30 days written notice must be given for cancellations and rescheduling. You must reschedule your hunt within one year. Cancellations less than 30 days will result in the loss of your deposit.  All no-shows will be billed in full for reserved nightly rates.  Please have stand-ins available.

Hunting Rules and Regulations